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About Aquila BioMedical

Aquila BioMedical is an innovative pre-clinical contract research organisation that offers clients world-leading research expertise in Immuno-Oncology, Immunology and Multiplex Histology.

Bespoke services combine advanced models with protocolled techniques, to provide high-value data, defining both efficacy and the mechanism of action of drug candidate compounds. A key feature of the Aquila offering is the partnering of services with world-leading academics to provide expert advice and interpretation of the data.

Aquila has developed novel technologies to help you better understand the cellular and molecular events that occur with compound administration. Our assays allow both phenotypic screening and target based research methods to enable hit identification and optimisation of compound and target selection, directly increasing the compound success rate and reducing the overall cost associated with drug development.


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Aquila’s vision is to evolve with innovation at the core, as global leaders in contract research, enhancing drug discovery programmes using cutting-edge research. Read more >


Aquila BioMedical was created in 2011 by academics from The University of Edinburgh working with the Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Read more >