Human Tumour Ex Vivo Systems

Human Tumour Ex Vivo Systems


Progressing from the Immuno-Oncology in vitro assays, Aquila is striving to offer best-in-class human patient ex vivo systems for therapeutic testing of potential cancer immunomodulators. These assays will offer an opportunity to generate high value mechanistic ‘human’ data on novel immunomodulators prior to progression into in vivo tumour models or clinical trials.

Firstly, Aquila will incorporate the use of tumour ascites from ovarian cancer patients, both to skew healthy macrophages towards an M2 phenotyp but also to directly isolate tumour associated macrophages (TAMs) from the ascites for direct therapeutic manipulation/screening.

Aquila is also now working with freshly dissected human tumour tissues (ovarian, pancreatic and breast). Samples can be used for biomarker detection via immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence, flow cytometry and gene expression studies. In addition to this, an ex vivo tumour tissue slice model is being optimised to enable immunomodulatory drug screening with read-outs to include: Tumour cell proliferation/apoptosis; measurement of protein and gene expression that could determine switching of immune responses from a pro- to anti-tumour phenotype; and histological assessment of tumour infiltrating immune cells as well as other markers. Beyond the human tumour slice system, Aquila is also validating a 3D tumour spheroid assay which should be ready for commercial use Q3 2017.

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