Advanced Histology Services

Advanced Histology Services


Aquila strives to offer our clients a complete service on its programs of work, which can include specialist histology and molecular tissue probing. Through a division of Aquila BioMedical, Aquila Histoplex, we bring exceptional expertise in this area.


Aquila Histoplex

Delivering specialised histological and multiplex tissue probing, and staining technologies for the commercial and academic research sectors.

Histoplex has the experience, expertise and specialist equipment to deliver on technically demanding projects. Histoplex offers a range of specialised histological techniques such as multiplex immunofluorescence, in situ hybridisation, TUNEL, RNAse-free section preparation, Tissue Micro Array (TMA) production, sterile sectioning of tissue matrices for culture, and alternative embedding media.



Aquila Histoplex is the first accredited service provider of RNAscope services in Europe. RNAscope is a highly advanced tool that can be utilised to visualise the expression of any gene within tissue at a single RNA molecule level of sensitivity. By enabling researchers to visualise the specific location, and quantify expression levels of new target(s)/biomarker(s) in animal or human tissues, RNAscope significantly advances biomarker discovery. The simple, non-radioisotopic in situ hybridization (ISH) assay delivers highly sensitive and specific molecular detection of RNA species on a cell-by-cell basis within the morphological context of actual tissue.


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