We deliver a range of histochemical methods to meet client needs using a range of different detection strategies, specimen preparation and antigen retrieval strategies. Our preference is to use polymer based detection systems as they offer good signal intensity, low background and are increasingly available for a wide range of primary antibody species, however we can also utilise traditional indirect methods, labelled streptavidin methods or catalysed signal amplification using labelled tyramides. Reproducibility is achieved by utilising Leica BOND-MAX™ and RX staining robots with proprietary detection systems and on board antigen retrieval and enzymatic digestion. Specialist extended heat induced epitope retrieval protocols can be controlled and performed using de-cloaking chambers and we can offer a range of colorimetric endpoints using either peroxidase or alkaline phosphatase conjugates.

Our strategy for immunofluorescence is focussed on reproducibility, sensitivity and accuracy, as often these detections will form the basis for looking at the co-expression of proteins using a multiplex approach. We perform fluorochrome labelled secondary antibody detections, fluorescent strepatavidins and fluorescent tyramides. Protocols are always designed around either the clients or our in-house microscopic imaging capability to ensure that fluorochrome selection is compatible with excitation sources, barrier filters and detectors.

Human Spleen, Immune Cell Marker Multiplex: DAPI, CD3, CD8, MIB1, CD20


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