Other Histology Services

Aquila Histoplex can offer a range of routine histological techniques for specialised projects, including but not limited to, IHC/IF, co-localisation, slide scanning and image analysis.



Aquila Histoplex has a wealth of experience in providing IHC/IF screening of normal and diseased tissue, using an ever-growing range of validated and optimised antibodies. We are always happy to validate new targets so get in touch today to talk about your requirements.



Co-localise multiple markers in the same sample. Extract more information from individual samples.


Slide Scanning

AquilaHistoplex offers digital slide scanning services using a Zeiss Axioscan Z1 slide scanner, generating high quality images at magnifications of up to X40.


Image Analysis

Through our partners, OracleBio, Aquila Histoplex can provide high quality precision histopathological image analysis services for target cellular location and quantification of marker staining within cells and tissues, to support pre-clinical and clinical Pharmaceutical R&D, pathology review and biomarker research.


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