Cancer or malignant tumours are characterised by abnormal uncontrolled cell growth, along with the potential to metastases and spread to locations around the body. Cancer affects 1 in 3 people around the world so it’s no surprise that Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies are driven to develop therapeutic agents to combat the disease.

Hallmarks of cancer include, accelerated proliferation of cells (absent of appropriate start/stop signals), avoidance of programmed cell death processing, capacity to vascularize the cell mass, invasion of tissues and ability to metastasis as well as a characteristic immunosuppressive immune environment.

Recent interest and successes in immune cell checkpoint modulation has sparked optimism in the field. Immuno-Oncology is now finding its footing and will likely hold place in combination with other standard of care regimes.

Aquila as Immunology experts can design specialised assays and programs of work to address specific questions around immune function in the tumour microenvironment and how this might be potentially manipulated therapeutically either by antibodies or small molecules. Assays are validated with benchmark antibodies and include:

Exhausted CD4+ T cell Assay
Human PBMC & T Cell Activation Assays
Human Mixed Lymphocyte Reactions (MLRs)
Myeloid Cell In vitro Assays
T Cell Killing Assay
Human Tumour Ex Vivo Systems

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