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About Aquila BioMedical

Your trusted CRO partner

We offer pre-clinical contract research based on world-leading expertise in immunology, immuno-oncology, specialist histology and neuroscience.

We are proud to be a CRO built from a solid immunology base. Founded at the University of Edinburgh, we were among the first CROs to specialise in immuno-oncology research services. One of Aquila’s key founders, Prof. Steve Anderton still holds a professorship and is Senior Scientific Advisor to Concept Life Sciences.

A key feature of our services is our consultative approach to provide you with expert advice and interpretation of your data. We work closely with you to develop a custom package of work to support your drug discovery pipeline, including off-the-shelf and novel assays.

We work across multiple therapeutic areas, developing and delivering highly-specialist solutions, and bringing innovative assays and models to the heart of drug discovery.

Together with our expert selection of protocols, we can reduce the cost of your project, helping you define your leads faster, and ensuring your best route to clinic.