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Research & Development

At Aquila, our vision is to be a global leader in innovative contract research. Through cutting-edge research, we aim to help our clients secure the best route to clinic to develop new medicines that benefit human health.

Encompassed within our vision is our desire to develop high-impact, clinically relevant assays to meet our clients’ requirements.

For client-led projects, we will discuss your project needs, validating new methods and assays to deliver on our agreed objectives. Flexibility and creativity are key to success. We are committed to close collaboration with you, and using open innovation to build new, clinically relevant models to the highest quality standards.

Service development

We are continually growing across all our service capabilities.

We are building our immuno-oncology capabilities, particularly ovarian tumour ascites and fresh human tumour samples (Human Tumour Ex-vivo Systems). With these assays, we aim to generate high-value mechanistic ‘human’ data on novel immunomodulators that can be taken forward into in vivo models or to clinic.

To further expand our immunology services, we are now bringing in-house an NGS offering (Next Generation Sequencing) as well as developing Migration Assays to understand cancer metastasis in vitro.

We know the importance of Liver Fibrosis research to our clients. Understanding the MOA of NASH and other liver diseases is vital in addressing a global unmet need for successful NASH therapies.

We are also growing our neuroscience capabilities, with a focus on combining our immunology and neuroscience expertise with a range of Neurotoxicity Assays using our pluripotent stem cell and primary cell platforms.

Please get in touch to develop a project or learn more about our current research.