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CNS Slice Remyelination Model

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Understanding the remyelination efficiency of your drug candidate in three dimensions with a realistic cell structure can help you on the best route to clinic.

At Aquila, we offer a central nervous system (CNS) slice model as a transitional link between in vitro cell culture and in vivo investigations, and as a step up in complexity from our OPC screening assay.

Please get in touch to learn how our CNS slice remyelination model can help with your project.

Delivering our CNS Slice Model

At Aquila, we:

  • Culture cerebellar slices from neonatal mice in ex vivo slice cultures where they undergo spontaneous myelination
  • Add lysophosphatidyl choline (LPC) to the cultures to demyelinate axons
  • Evaluate remyelination efficiency after treatment with test compounds, using immunohistochemistry (myelin basic protein (MBP) to label myelin and neurofilament (NF) to label axons) to quantify the amount of myelin per axon
  • Use confocal microscopy and automated image analysis to generate the ‘remyelination index’ for each treatment group