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Our custom Immuno-Oncology services

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Immuno-Oncology is an exciting and progressing area of research that uses manipulation of the immune system to successfully target cancer.


Aquila can help you understand the immunomodulatory effects of your drug candidates within the tumour microenvironment and/or in combination with other immune modulators, efficiently progressing your route to clinic.

We have extensive in vitro immunology, pre-clinical immuno-oncology, RNA sequencing and specialist multiplex histology experience. Our suite of available immuno-oncology services and assays can be specifically tailored to your project:

  • MLRs
  • PBMC and T Cell Stimulation Assays
  • Exhausted T Cell Assays
  • Killing Assays
  • Phagocytosis Assays
  • Myeloid Cell Assays
  • Suppression Assays

Please get in touch to discuss how Aquila can help you with your immuno-oncology, immunology, RNA sequencing or specialist histology research needs.

Our expertise

We have extensive experience of providing immunological CRO services to clients discovering and developing treatments for cancer, autoimmune diseases, and in regenerative medicine.

Research & Development

Our vision is to be a global leader in innovative contract research.

About Aquila BioMedical

We offer pre-clinical contract research based on world-leading expertise in immunology, immuno-oncology, specialist histology and neuroscience.