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Macrophage Suppression Assay

At Aquila, we offer a suite of assays for screening molecules or biologics for their ability to reverse macrophage suppression, an important mechanism of action for a potential immunotherapy cancer treatment.

The tumour microenvironment drives macrophages to acquire a pro-tumoural phenotype (M2). Our assay screens compounds for their potential to switch or re-polarise macrophages to an anti-tumour (M1) state, which – in turn – reduces the immune suppression of T cells.

We can measure expression of M2 markers and/or inhibitory molecules using flow cytometry and qPCR. We can measure cytokine release by ELISA or multiplex. Further assay readouts include monocyte to macrophage differential rate, viability and apoptosis.

In addition to our standard macrophage suppression assay, we are currently further developing and validating protocols using tumour conditioned media (cell lines and ovarian ascites) as well as isolating tumour associated macrophages (TAMs) from ascites of ovarian cancer patients (Human Tumour Ex Vivo Systems) for use in our macrophage assays.

Please get in touch to discuss your macrophage study requirements.