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PBMC and T Cell Stimulation Assays

Human PBMC and T Cell Stimulation Assays

Understanding how immune cells are activated, proliferate and are regulated is key to developing novel and effective immunotherapy cancer drugs.

At Aquila, we offer activated human peripheral mononuclear cell (Human PBMC) and T cell activation assays to help you understand the interaction between your compound or biologic and the immune system, taking you to the clinic faster.

As well as tailored assay readouts, we also offer standard analysis options, such as cytokine levels by ELISA (e.g. IFN-γ) or proliferation (e.g. CFSE) with multi-colour flow cytometry. Our 96-well plate format allows for moderate-throughput screening of multiple compounds, helping you achieve fast, precise results.

Please get in touch to discuss your human PBMC or T cell stimulation study requirements.