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Myeloid Cells

At Aquila, we provide custom assays to investigate the effect of client compounds on myeloid cell-derived macrophages or dendritic cells (DC).

Whatever your stage of drug development, we can tailor our myeloid cell assays to meet your needs. We offer both monoculture assays, to examine the effect of your compound on a single cell type, as well as mixed cell cultures.

Our macrophage monocultures are ideal for pre-clinical optimisation (e.g. determining dose response) without expensive animal testing. Our M1 macrophage assays are designed for studying compounds that inhibit pro-inflammatory responses in autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. M2 macrophage assays are best suited for drug candidates designed to reverse suppression of the immune system by the tumour microenvironment.

For clients beginning in vivo studies or clinical trials, we offer functional assays for confirming drug effectiveness or identifying indirect toxic effects:

  • Mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR)
    • Allogenic
    • Autologous
  • Macrophage suppression assay:
    • M2 macrophages + PBMC or T cells
    • Tolerogenic DCs + PBMC or T cells

Our experienced staff are specialists in specific immune cells and work closely with you to build a stronger data package and speed up your route to clinic.

Please get in touch to learn more about our myeloid cell related services.