ADME Services

As part of Concept Life Sciences, we offer a range of in vitro ADMET and in vivo DMPK services, delivering high quality, accurate and reproducible data. With highly efficient delivery of our core in vitro ADME screening data, we offer a 5-day turnaround service for clients submitting test compounds on a regular weekly basis. We ensure you achieve your make-test timelines to accelerate your drug discovery program.

In addition to our core service of validated robust assays, we can modify and/or customise your assay design, ensuring a science-led, flexible and quality-driven approach. We can help you make technical choices or strategic decisions on test compound characterisation, SAR generation and optimisation of compound design, supporting you in de-risking your best route to clinic.

Please contact us today to learn how our ADME and DMPK services can help meet your research needs