At Aquila, we offer a range of routine through to advanced histological techniques for specialised projects, including tissue processing to wax, single and multiplex immunohistochemistry (IHC)/ immunofluorescence (IF), slide scanning and image analysis.

Our image analysis services are ideal for clients working in pharmaceutical R&D, pathology review and biomarker research.

We can co-localise multiple markers within the same samples, allowing you to extract more information whilst conserving tissue.

Our digital slide scanning services use The Vectra® Polaris™, generating high quality images of haematoxylin and eosin stain, IHC, IF and multiplex images.

In addition, we have a wealth of experience in providing IHC/IF screening of normal and diseased tissue, using our ever-growing range of validated and optimised antibodies.

Through our partners, such as OracleBio, we can provide precision histopathology image analysis services for target quantification of:

  • IHC
  • In situ hybridisation (ISH), as well as
  • Immunofluorescence (IF) marker staining in cells and tissues.

Our expertise

We have extensive experience of providing immunological CRO services to clients discovering and developing treatments for cancer, autoimmune diseases, and in regenerative medicine.

Research & Development

Our vision is to be a global leader in innovative contract research.


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