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Using RNAscope to overcome biomarker detection challenges

Secreted proteins are increasingly being used as therapeutic targets/diagnostic biomarkers. Using IHC to visualise secreted proteins may lack sensitivity and/or cellular resolution. mRNAs are localised intracellularly, thus their detection via RNAscope is an effective alternative to IHC.

Aquila are proud to offer a custom RNAscope service. RNAscope is a novel multiplex nucleic acid in situ hybridization (ISH) assay for detecting and visualising gene expression within intact cells.

As the first provider of ACD Bio’s RNAscope® technology in Europe,we have honed its capabilities to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

This technology integrates both PCR and IHC techniques for detection, enabling sensitivity and specificity to be obtained in both a molecular and morphological context within a single assay, enabling us to provide our clients with more data, conserve tissue and overcome detection issues.

In this case study, IHC failed to provide reliable staining for 2 specific biomarkers, for which 3 antibodies were extensively tested per marker. One marker was low copy number which is often a challenge for biomarker detection. Initial testing demonstrated suitable tissue mRNA integrity and suitability for RNAscope staining.

As illustrated, duplex RNAscope was successful in detecting the 2 biomarkers despite low copy number.   

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